Darwin Stephenson

A Contemporary Spiritual Teacher with a revolutionary message, Darwin Stephenson is an enlightened being that believes that you're more than that voice in your head, more than an evolutionary accident and more than you've been taught. With a practical approach to living in Divine harmony, Darwin brings wisdom and spiritual tools into everyday life in a simple way that can help you be happy, attract prosperity and discover your purpose.

"I believe that God is present in our lives in ways that previous generations haven't imagined," say's Darwin. "Throughout the ages we've lost the ability to hear the voice of God in our everyday existence. But we can relearn this language because it is inherently part of what we are."

With practical methods that bring Spirituality into your daily life, Darwin tackles real world problems and daily struggles with love and compassion. By helping you understand your relationship to the Universe, God and Humanity, his teachings break down many of the common misconceptions that have become the accepted reality of our times.

"We live in a society that wholeheartedly believes that each of us are that voice in our head," explains Darwin. "As a result, everyone around us reinforces the Mind as the most important part of the self. However, we're more than a Mind. We are a Body, Spirit and Mind designed to live in harmony as a cohesive team. And while the metaphysical expression Mind, Body Spirit has become commonplace in our society, exploring this construct of the self is actually the first key to unlocking enlightenment."

Inspiration Divine

Your Purpose and Path to Health, Happiness & Enlightenment

Darwin's first book, Inspiration Divine, reveals a simple understanding of how discovering one's purpose will bring about the enlightenment of both yourself and all of humanity. By distinguishing what we are and why we're here, Inspiration Divine provides a prescription for evolving beyond our current physical existence to a Spiritual existence.

There is a magnificent life available to each and every one of us. Happiness, Joy and Love are all waiting for us to simply insert the keys that are already in our hands. Finding the lock and turning the key is not only possible but it is truly your destiny. But first, you need to connect with your true self and discover your purpose.

Inspiration Divine reveals that you have a purpose and your path to success is divinely aligned with that purpose. Darwin brings the complexities of life into a simple understanding that is both inspiring and applicable. If you're unsure what your purpose is or why it matters, Inspiration Divine will put you onto the path of discovery and guide you to a true understanding of yourself.

Your health, happiness and enlightenment awaits.

A Prescription for a Thriving Life

"When we live in harmony with the Universe, God and Humanity our lives are filled with health, happiness and peace," say's Darwin. "The struggles in your life are simply the outward experiences of living out of harmony." The question is, "How can we live in harmony?"

The key for each person is the discovery of purpose. The truth of our enlightenment comes by way of recognizing that we each have a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. "Pretending we don't have a purpose clouds us from the messages from God that are all around us," say's Darwin. "We each have a purpose to fulfill and collectively Humanity has a purpose too."

Living out of harmony is like trying to paddle a canoe upstream. The experience is the same as rowing downstream, except that life is really hard. And with everyone around us paddling upstream, we conclude that paddling upstream must be the right thing to do. But when we connect with the truth of the river's current, we instantly recognize how to turn our canoe around.

We tell ourselves that life is hard and that we just have to deal with it. "But that simply isn't true," say's Darwin. "There is a blessed life awaiting each of us if we'll only awaken to our purpose." By distinguishing why we're here, we can awaken to a Spiritual existence; a wonderful life where we flow in harmony instead of against the Universe, God and Humanity.

Inspiration Divine is an exploration of how to awaken the true self to the beauty of a Spiritual existence. Through practical teachings and easy to follow chapter exercises, Inspiration Divine will help you find your purpose and path to health, happiness and enlightenment.