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Depression and Enlightenment

posted Aug 17, 2009, 5:05 PM by Darwin Stephenson
Originally posted by Jason on the Discussion Boards in the Inspiration Divine Fan Page:

What did the Inspiration Work mean to me? In all honesty, I nearly canceled the morning of the workshop. Afterward, I was extremely grateful I hadn't.

For nearly my entire life, I have dealt with depression and the spectrum of effects that arise from it. From pre-pubescence through early adulthood I assumed it was an integral part of me. Eventually I realized that was not the case, but did not have the strategies, know-how, or life experience to effectively reverse the mentality. For the last few years, I have actively addressed my depression, gaining knowledge of it, coming to know it and ultimately working toward completely overcoming its effects. I think of it as being cyclical or wave-like. Finding enjoyment in "navigating the seas" has been quintessential to growing out of depression. Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, as is taught in yoga, has sparked the fires of this growth.

I was not in a good head-space the weekend of the Inspiration Workshop. In fact, I did not have a "negative" photo because nothing I saw was making me feel worse than what I already felt. Really I was at a low somewhere in the mental sea. Giving myself the gift of showing up for the Inspiration Workshop at this time allowed me to realize that as long as you continue to show up, and do the work, you will reap the rewards. This is true even when, or perhaps especially when, things seem at the worst or most impassible.

Enlightenment, or as I'm coming to understand it, bringing together my ego and my subtle body/energy is not a fun or easy task. The age-old adage that nothing worthwhile is easy has never been more true. This difficulty marrying ego and existence I consider the lingering echo of depression, something which with time is getting more and more quiet and less and less distinguishable from a vague memory of an uninteresting event.

The Inspiration Workshop to me was proof positive that no matter how hard life may seem, one need only stay present and grounded to overcome anything. Staying grounded in the physical moment is both highly crucial to well-being and amazingly easy with the proper training and technique.

Inspiration Workshop provides an experience and a tool with which to achieve and sustain, for lack of a more appropriate description, enlightenment. Being asked to feel very fully on an emotional level, and subsequently engage in yoga, which is feeling on a physical level, stimulates a bond between feeling and movement/breath. A powerful experience, to be sure.